Onshore Production Module - 6th Edition - July 2023

The    Onshore Production Module allows rapid estimation of installed cost for onshore production facilities this page describes it key features how it can be used to estimate development and operating costs. 

This is compatible with our   Onshore Drilling Module and   Offshore Drilling Module

A    Onshore Production cost estimate is developed in three steps:

  1. Production Data is entered.
  2. Production Configuration is defined.
  3. Cost Estimate is run.

In developing costs for an onshore production system the following input steps are followed:

  1. Project details                                    
  2. Cost Data Base Selection                                    
  3. Project Type Definition: Oil/Condensate/Non-associated Gas                               
  4. Key Field and Production Data Definition
  5. Production Configuration Definition
  6. Detailing of Production Configuration
    1. Separation
    2. Gas Treatment
    3. Utilities

The User is guided through each of the above input steps to define reserves, set the key production data, and configure the facilities; specify the number of trains and the sparing philosophy to be adopted in the plant. The program at each stage provides options for the users consider that can either be used or rejected for the user own information.

Once all the data is entered a   case is run; the results generated consist of three elements:

Onshore Production Module Capability

  1. Technical Summary: defining production rates, production configuration and utilities consumption
  2. Development Cost Summary: CAPEX breakdown
  3. Operating Cost Summary: OPEX breakdown

The module is highly flexible and can handle just about any surface production facility, from very small to very large. Its key features are described in our break out page click here for details

The outputs from   can be exported as a series of spread sheets and as such can be used with other cost estimation software either to verify results or imported as raw cost data.


A perpetual, single PC user license is priced at 12,000GBP (Twelve Thousand Pounds Sterling) which includes support and updates for the 1st year following purchase.

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The product is delivered electronically along with its license file.

8 Videos can be viewed below, these provide an introduction to the module and full descriptions of each of its key subelements. 

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Introduction to the Onshore Production Cost Estimating Module

Data Input For The Onshore Production Module

The Onshore Production Module's Separation Unit Operation

The Onshore Production Modules Gas Treatment Unit Operation

The Onshore Production Modules Water Management Unit Operation

The Onshore Production Modules Utilities Unit Operations

The Onshore Production Module's Development and Operating Cost Outputs

The Onshore Production Module's Cost Scheduling Tool


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